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Wireless Truck Chute Opener

Make filling your air drill safe and easy by controlling your grain truck chute and hoist with a ChuteMax wireless system. The 300’ transmitting range allows the operator to stand safely away from the grain auger as well as out of the dust.

Kit includes:
– Wireless FM Transmitter with 300’ Range
– Magnet Mount Receiver Box with Easy Push Buttons
– Powerful 12vDC Linear Actuator
– Easy Install with “Plug and Play” Wiring
– Complete Mounting Hardware and Instruction Guide

Shur-Co® ProTrap® Hopper Door Opener

The cleaner, faster and safer way to unload grain out of your trailer. Hopper doors slide open while the operator stands back out of the dust. You can run the front and back hoppers, electric tarp and two additional Shur-Co® 12-volt accessories using their 5 channel SMARTransmitter® or you can choose the simpler SMART1+™ remote. Kits are available for double, triple or b-train grain trailers.

Shur-Co® AutoTrap™ Hopper Door Opener

A compact and high-clearance system at an affordable price! This unit comes with the patented SMARTwire™ connections and built-in compatibility with their SMART1+™ or SMART2™ remote. Kits are available for double, triple or b-train grain trailers. Please contact Lakeshore Sales for pricing and install.

Michel’s EZ Opener 200 Wireless Remote Chute Opener

Control your grain trailer hopper doors with this easy to use and low profile opener. With its weatherproof enclosure The EZ Opener can be mounted on either side of the grain trailer. Conversion to manual crank is as easy as removing pin #1, turning pin #2 and re-inserting pin #1. The user friendly remote with an easy to read digital screen allows the operator to control the opener without having to scroll through different screens. As well, the operator can program chute limits right into the remote which should never be lost. This remote also allows the user to program 3 additional products right into the remote (ex. electric roll tarp, lights, hopper augers, etc.)